Medical information given to healthcare professionals and patients in an accurate way, reflecting local regulations in every country we serve. We provide confidence to the patient and the healthcare professional by being true experts in communication. Our Medical Information Officers are carefully selected, trained and monitored for quality. Our services are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year and our interactions are underpinned by cutting-edge technologies.



The patient safety is the most important aspect throughout the complete drug development. A commitment safety unit with the optimized processes, technology and resources will increase the product value by managing all aspects of drug safety/pharmacovigilance services. Our service extends from the drug development phase through to market authorization surveillance and the set-up of a pharmacovigilance system in a cost- efficiency approach.

We can offer you the optimal of:

  • Safety/Pharmacovigilance consultation
  • Validated Safety database
  • Risk Management Plan
  • SAE handling and Safety Review
  • Pharmacovigilance System Master File (PSMF)
  • Qualified Person Responsible for Pharmacovigilance (QPPV)
  • Risk Management Plan